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What's this... bulb?!????


Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows what this lil thing is I found in my garden? It was randomly sitting on top of a rock. Maybe a bird dropped it? I'm intrigued!

The closest thing I can identify it to is a crocus bulb, but going from photos online it may be too small for that?

-I've included photos with a penny for scale. 

It has an almost onion like shape and is a light brown colour, that's pretty golden in certain light. Kinda looks like a lil smooth hazelnut!

Apologies if this is super obvious, I'm pretty new to gardening =)

Thanks for any help! 


  • wildfoxwildfox Posts: 4

    Yay! Thanks so much Muddle-Up! =)

    Thats exactly what I'll do. Fingers crossed!

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,281

    Most likely a crocus , but also similar to the tiny offsets of gladioli corms

  • wildfoxwildfox Posts: 4

    Aah, I just looked that up and it does look similar to that too fidgetbones! Thanks.

    Hmm, the plot thickens! If it was a gladioli corm, would that just be planted in the same way?

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