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A different Fig tree

I read a little while back, probably in GW magazine, that fig trees in pots are unlikely to produce fruit. If this is true I bought one, two years ago, which bucks the trend. Last year it produced four fruit. After reading the article, I metaphorically shrugged my shoulders and expected no more! This year there are nine in varying stages of growth. Last year, with no previous acquaintanceship with fresh figs, I had no idea when they were ripe and ready for picking, as a result, when I did pick them they were inedible. Can someone please enlighten me.

The tree which is about 70cm tall, is in a pot, diameter 24cm and about the same height, is in good quality potting compost, kept just moist. Last year, but not this year, it was given occasional doses of liquid feed. As it is clearly happy where it is I do not want to disturb it unnecessarily but realize it will become pot-bound and starved of nutrients eventually so any clues on future care would be appreciated. 


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    If you go to the RHS garden at Wisley they have many varieties of fig in pots; and doing fine.  They get two crops a year as you would expect.

    A fig is ready when it goes all squidgy and bends down at the neck.  Additionally the skin will burst and the fruit will be irresistible to birds and wasps.

    Just keep moving your fig into a bigger pot.

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