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I have a potted fig.  I have had it for two years and never had any edible figs, just the green pod things.  This year worst than last.  My apple tree has fallen over and now there is a space. Someone just advised they had a fig that was really doing well in the ground so I have decided to plant it from pot to ground.

My question is, can I do it now?  The fig looks doesn't look in the best of conditions yellowing leaves, would moving it be ok?



  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,008

    Hi jbol

    Your figs yellowing leaves probably indicate it's ready for open ground if pot grown for two-years .

    If it's the cultivar known as 'Brown Turkey' , they are very fast growing . I look after one against a SW wall , where it rapidly reached 7' high and festooned with fruits every year .

    Move now by all means , but just keep the ground moist during this current dry spell (here in Lincolnshire at least) .

  • jboljbol Posts: 39

    Thanks thats v helpful

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