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What's this squash?


I picked up a random, rejected plant after the allotment's street stall in spring. Since slugs ate all my butternut plants (grrr) it was handy to fill a space.  After a slow start it grew like the clappers. It's obviously a squash of some kind, but... winter or summer?  Should I be picking now and using like cougettes or waiting to see if they ripen and harden for storage? What do you think?


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  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,445

    Stressing I am no sort of expert but it could be a buttercup squash.

    You could cut the biggest one and see what it's like. You can eat them immature anyway - as you can courgettes

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  • It looks like a courgette leaf to me. Could it be a round courgette?

  • Yes I am thinking round courgette, very hard to tell at this point as the leaves, stems etc of all these look the same. My reason for thinking courgette is there seem to be a lot of fruits on there,  squashes & pumpkins tend to produce fewer larger ones.

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  • I have round courgettes this year that look exactly like that. With mine, you're supposed to harvest them when they're small and either eat them raw in salads or cook as you would other courgettes. We let a a couple get too big while we were away and ate them stuffed like marrows.

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