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laurel hedging

we bought some laurel plants 3ft in height a couple of years ago and they are doing well and are now approximately 6ft in height. The depth of the hedge is really thick  and growing wildly but the tops are hit and miss and a bit gappy in places. If we trim the sides back and they re-shoot quickly will it hinder the growth on the top at all, by putting  all the strength into the new side shoots. We are trying to get the hedge at least another 2ft high to give us some privacy. we've never trimmed the top of the laurel at all so far. any advice would be appreciated.



  • Hi You will find Laurels grow at a fast pace anyway so don't worry about pruning the sides or top.

    I find the more you prune the faster they grow. On pruning I never use hedge trimmers as they

    damage the leaves so I cut back to just above a set of leaves and the branch soon regrows.

    I tend to prune mine in spring and about now and they grow and quickly cover pruning scars.

    in answer to your question prune the top level and it will grow level for next year.

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