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Pemberton roses

wrighttwrightt Posts: 234

I missed Gardeners World last Friday and forgot to record it but was told that there was an article about Pemberton roses and if anyone has any they need to contact someone but I am not sure who. Can anyone please tell me as I am fairly certain that I have some as the house was built in 1863 and the roses are very old and are hybrid musk roses and flower so I am told  just like the ones on the program.The person who helps me in the garden who saw the show and who is RHS qualified is fairly certain that they may be Pemberton roses but neither of us has a clue to exactly which ones they are.


  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,432

    Contact Laura Hill at the Hospice on this link... be honest, it's unlikely you have any that they don't already, but they are missing 20 old Pemberton roses from his original breeding programme, I think they have 49 out of 69... it's these missing 20 they really want to get hold of... it's possible many of them are now extinct... but I hope perhaps you have one or two.... help you further, here are a couple of links from the site, the first one are the missing Pemberton roses, and the second one, helps to identify any you might have... 

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  • wrighttwrightt Posts: 234

    Thank you Laura and Muddle up. I have sent them pictures of my roses.

  • We have an old rose crimson, wonderful  perfume bloom appears to be double?

    Iam told it could be an old French rose, the house was built in 1892 and l understand this rose was put in around that date.

    we are hoping to move house and I should like to take a cutting from it, but am not sure how to do it, please could you advise me.

    I should like to think it might be one of the missing Pemberton variety?

    Best wishes

    Sue Holcombe

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