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I'm new here, so forgive me if this has been asked and answered, but I have a simple question. 

I live in Alabama. I bought bare root Ozark Beauty strawberries thinking I would plant them in the fall. Well, reading up on things it seems that storing these things until the heat breaks probably isn't a good idea.

The question is how to plant these things now and get a decent survival rate.

My options:

1. Plant them in containers and put them near a big window I have in my bathroom that gets 6+ hours of sun per day. Normal temperature in the house is 77 degrees. Obviously warmer when someone takes a shower, but it cools quickly. 

2. Plant them in a container and put them on my front porch. It gets sun all day but it's hot right now (90's + every day)

3. Plant them in a container and put them on the north side of my house. It gets about 4-6 hours of sun in the afternoon.Still gets pretty warm even though it's in the shade.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated. 


  • Tray14Tray14 Posts: 210

    Hi Leon11

    This is mainly a UK based site - that said - I normally have my strawberries outside in May here and leave them outside all summer - I have left last years plants in a pot outside all winter and they have produced a good crop this summer.

    My instinct says no to the shower room option but yes to option number 3.

    Im sure someone more experienced than me will offer some great advice!

    Good luck with the strawberries ?

  • My suggestion would be to get them in where you want them to grow and shelter them from the hottest part of the day somehow for a couple of weeks and plenty of regular water.

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