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  • My son and DIL have just adopted a lovely little girl. Hubby has already made a big planter that I want to grow seeds that she has chosen, and I hope that next year(she has only just started walking!) she will be choosing and planting them with me.image Then I hope I can maintain the interest.Agree with all your comments above Raisingirl

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    my two loves are gardening and opera, both have major trouble attracting younger people. I have no idea why that should be. I've loved both all my life.

    hey ho, one of life's mysteries?

    When I lived in Hants, the local garden club met at 2pm on a Wednesday. I contacted and asked if they only catered for retired, unemployed or "housewives". " The hall is too expensive to hire in evenings" was the answer.

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    Hostafan1 says:

    my two loves are gardening and opera, both have major trouble attracting younger people. I have no idea why that should be. I've loved both all my life.

    hey ho, one of life's mysteries?

    See original post

    Me too. (Well I wouldn't say opera is a love of mine but I do like listening to it). But perhaps we just have to accept that we are odd? My excuse is I don't have children so what spare time I have has always been my own. I never wanted children and therefore have known for a long time that I'm not 'normal'. Dunno what your excuse is though Hosta 

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    “It's still magic even if you know how it's done.” 
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    " this  " normal" of which you speak holds no appeal to me"

  • I encourage my 3 year old daughter (not that she needs encouraging at all when the hose is involvedimage) to help out in the garden. She absolutely loves it and has her own mini trowl and fork to help pot stuff up. 

    I'm hoping to make a mini potting table for her so she can really go to town- I can't handle too much disorder in the garden image so figured if she has her own little spot she can experiment at will. 

    She loves her "pet toad" that has taken up residence in our little cottage garden!I 

    She's my little partner in crime when I visit garden centres and once , when she first learnt to talk, I pulled up at our local one and she asked "are we home?" image we're there so often she thought we moved there ha ha 

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    i think people come to gardening in a lot of ways and for various reasons.

    my love for allotment gardening started way back during the second world war when, with my dad away in the forces i helped my mum with our plot and we got lots of help and advice from a German pow.called Rudi who worked on the strawberry farm next to the allotment site and with a patience that knew no bounds he would explain , in his very good English, how to grow anything that we had to plant or sow.

    he had a way of explaining things that made everything about growing and sowing seem the most wonderful and natural thing in my small world.

    apart from showing me the basics he also shared with me some of of the little tips that had been handed down to him,some i have used all my life and have handed down to people through my long life.

    this knowledge you do not get from books or the so called tele experts,which is why i think that the true gardening experts are not the ones with the degrees but the people who have been there and done it and that doesnt mean you have to be old and ancient to be wise and knowledgeable about gardening, it just means that to be an expert you have to know what you are talking about and you must know how to impart that knowledge to other people which to my mind,  in the main,so called tele experts do not have.apart from the odd one or two.




  • I don't think you can get children interested gardening of any kind by lessons at school or tele that job is best done in letting them help you and teaching them that it is fun to be in a garden or an allotment with the people they love best.

    I know that I got as much enjoyment as they did when mine were with me on my allotment.

    make it fun at the beginning and it will stay fun all their lives.


  • Bridgey,

    I agree showing them & letting them have fun with it is the best way, but I also find that a lot drift away from it for a while. They often come back to it once they have their own patch to look after.  

    AB Still learning

  • to IAIN R

    thats about right but when they come back who are the best ones to give advice the ones who gave them the love of gardening and allotments in the first place or the tele experts.

    my money is on the  first choice.

    the real experts, to my mind ,are like the people on this site young or old who dispense with their knowledge freely and with good will.

     since i came on this site i have learnt so much about gardening from people who have the same love of gardening that i do and to them i would like to say a big thankyou.

    you are the real experts

  • used to follow another forum but got fed up by one with the contents which were just messages from the council landlords and a lot of the discussions on what to do was so obviously taken from television programmes and so called TV experts that it was a waste of time following it.

    Don't always agree with what people say on this forum but its said from experience and from people who know what they are talking about.

    the real experts are the people on forums like this not the self styled ones on tv

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