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Jasmine clotted cream

Beryl3Beryl3 Posts: 5

can anyone advise me why my potted jasmine clotted cream has stopped flowering?  It is in a sunny spot and has flowered before. if I need the repot should I prune it first and if so, when Is the best time?  thanks


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    Without seeing the size of pot and how much it has grown, it's hard to know the reasons. But you may be right, being in a pot, it may be exhausted and need more watering or potting onto a larger pot. You did well in the past if you have managed to get it to flower beyond the middle of August. It's not common for them to continue to flower for longer than August time, in my opinion, but if so, it might be heat and lots of sun that has done that.

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