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Is this a codling moth

I will see if I can get my daughter to post pics tomorrow, have collected apples (made crumbles) a lot have a "maggot"? beige colour with a brown head bit more than inch long.  Blooming things waving at me, fruit has brown holey bits inside. I did put up pheramone traps last year, grease banded the trees, what can I do for next year to ensure actually having some apples for me?


  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy Posts: 5,979

    The grease band traps the winter moth the Pherermone trap is for the male Codling moth but officially it is meant as an indicator of the levels of infestation to tell you when to spray. If you do not want to spray (like me) then you have to suffer some damage. In the past though I have found the traps enough to minimise the damage.  Me & a fellow plot holder who usually co-ordinate when we put our traps out noticed we had very little "catch" this year &  we thought we had got away with it , but  I now  think the very mild winter simply meant we were too late. I had a lot of Plum moth & Raspberry Beetle trouble this year too. 

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    Thought this was very interesting.May be useful.

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    I agree very good article explains what I was indicating in more detail..

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