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Lumpy bumpy lawn


New to the forums and also very new to gardening!

My husband and I are just getting started on tidying our very neglected 90foot long garden...a bit of a mission!

Due to mole hills, building work etc we now have a very uneven lawn. Can anyone tell me the best way to level a lawn in such a large area?

Thanks in advance!


  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,145

    It really depends on quite how 'lumpy and bumpy' it is and what your end goal is i.e. a 'practical' lawn or a bowling green.

    First you need to get rid of the moles and address the areas where they have been. Tunneling will cause the lawn to drop in these areas over time even though they might not be immediately obvious right now.

    If you have, what you consider, to be a decent grass covering then where you have depressions if you make an 'X' using a spade in the ground you can peel the turf back and back-fill with soil then return the lawn 'flaps' and you have an instant repair. Other options would be to top dress and reseed the low / damaged areas, or start again by rotovating the whole area and re-turfing or reseeding. 

    September would be a good time to do this work.

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