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How should I prune my tayberries, wineberries and summer raspberries?

Hi all

I'm still quite new to this berry malarkey... I planted them in the winter of last year and so this year has been the first fruiting one. The tayberries are done fruiting and so all the "spent" canes have been removed from the base. The wineberries are nearing the end and so the same will happen to them. Summer raspberries have stopped fruiting too and so I'll remove the old canes there too.

My confusion is what to do with the new canes which will fruit next year. Some of the tayberry canes must be around 30 foot long! The wineberries are quite long too. I was all eager this morning and started to arrange all of these canes but it was a bit of a nightmare and my partner said it just didn't seem right. So we stopped, went indoors, and started to do some reading. It would seem she's right as most f what we read said that the canes should be pruned to anywhere between 2 and 5 foot, whilst the laterals should be pruned to 18" - 2 foot. Apparently this will help with yields and reduce the risk of some diseases, whilst also making them easier to manage.

So my first question is whether this is correct and we should follow this advice?

Secondly, a lot of the articles said this pruning should be done in early spring. But it seems daft to me to keep 30 foot canes over winter only to chop them right back to - say - 5 foot in 7 months time or so. So I'd also like to know when such pruning should be done?

Any other pruning or general berry tips would also be most helpful.

Many thanks


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