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Ground elder

I have one area in the garden which has ground elder.  I have tried hard to control it, but over the last 25 years it has expanded to take in my main lawn flower bed.  On two separate occasions I have dug up the bed and dug deep to take out all the ground elder roots I could find and then replant the bed up again with flowers.  I also resorted a few years ago to spraying the weed but nothing has worked and this year it has come back more strongly than ever.  Has anyone any solutions?


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,541

    I've always found glyphosate works on ground elder. Best in spring when it's in full growth, but if it's still growing , I'd think it's not too late. 

    IMHO you'll never get rid of ALL the roots. I've certainly never managed. You may, of course, be a lot better at it than I. image

  • Not many plants make me angry, but just thinking about the ground elder make me really tense.

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    When I cleared a bed in the spring I found it full of ground elder. I have been spraying it about every 3-4 weeks and now today when I checked it had all gone. I will leave the bed until the spring before I plant it up again. In another bed where there has just been a little bit, I have sprayed as well taking care not to touch the plants and it has gone as well. Where it had started to grow in the lawn I used a lawn spray weedkiller and that has worked also. I think you need to be permanently on the case to get it under control and eradicated. 

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