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In a house I used to live in there were some wonderful tulips.They were tall and straight and the flowers were huge, red and yellow, vaguely striped. Very dramatic plants with dark stamens. Would love to know what they were so that I can plant in new garden. Any ideas?


  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,657

    Not sure what would count as 'vaguely striped'

    Grand Perfection or La Courtine are quite strongly striped

    Ad Rem are quite strongly red with a bit of yellow and black centres. I grew those in pots last year.


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    Your description reminds me of 'Holland Queen' 


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    Not really striped, but I'm wondering if they're the standard Apeldoorn types which reappear every year. They're tall and straight with big flowers, and dark centres.

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  • No, afraid not. The tulips I'm thinking of are much larger, almost the size of a cup or mug.

    Thanks for replying though.

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