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Turf laying

Hi I am very confused as to if I can lay turf onto normal soil. I've read guides but basically I want to know would it be ok to just lay the turf onto good soil but has lots of stones in. Picture attached I will level bit better but didn't want to bother with top soil?image

I also want to lay bits up to the fence. Advice please image


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,842

    The stones in your top picture look reasonably small.Turf is laid on ordinary soil. If you were a bit worried about stones run a rake backwards and forwards and any large stones will work their way to the top and can be removed by hand. Those in the narrow strip next to the fence need picking up. Bear in mind that it you lay turf there it will prove difficult to cut at the edge where it meets the concrete base panel.

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  • Bexs2Bexs2 Posts: 3

    Thanks I was just worried about the amount I keep picking them up but they seem never ending lol and was just worried the turf wouldn't take on that part. Thanks I realise the gray will be harder to cut by the panel i thought a strumming as be easier than keep weeding it x

  • I just returfed my lawn and raked out as many stones as I could and then popped a layer of top soil over what was already there just to level it off and mix in a bit of something fresh. Seems to have done the job as the lawn looks lush. I went right up to the fence and literally just cut around the posts with a bread knife. Good luck image

  • Bexs2Bexs2 Posts: 3

    Thanks I've now laid it and watered it in so fingers crossed it all grows well?imageimage

  • mattgardenmattgarden Posts: 109
    How did it go for you with the stoney soil? I've got a similar situation, so would appreciate your advice. 
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