What tree?

I am looking for a fast growing evergreen tree to hide a sightly warehouse at the back of our garden.  It will need to grown to 20-30 ft. What can you recommend? 


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    Can you tell us a bit more about the site ... how big is your garden, how far from your house do you want to plant the tree, where do your drains etc run, what is the soil like?   A photo of the garden and the warehouse would be helpful.

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  • angelinaballerina24 says:
    image See original post

     Here is a pic.  I'm not sure about the soil as I haven't moved in yet! 

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    Wait till you do and can do a soil test to see if it's acid or alkaline and how much it needs beefing up with compost/manure etc.   Autumn is the best time to plant new trees so you have time to work it out and select the best tree.

    Having said that, you already have trees growing on other land behind and to the side of yours and they will grow bigger, probably faster than any tree you plant - and cover it without taking up space in your garden.  I would think, instead, about how you want to use your new garden for your own activities, where the sun shines most - another factor in choosing plants - and then think about building a pergola to support climbers that would cut the view of the warehouse from your garden and give you colour and possibly perfume to enjoy.

    That view from the upstairs window isn't going to be your main outlook is it?   Patience and forward planning are important gardening tools that can save you time, money and effort.

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    The problem with fast-growing trees is that they don't suddenly stop at 20-30 feet, they go on growing to 50 or 100 feet, and they also grow very wide. Obelixx's advice seems like a better solution.

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