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We have a well established Aucuba hedge. It's been here many years and is in a shaded spot.

in March this year I noticed a black patch and actually thought someone had tried to set alight to it. However, over the past few months I have noticed other symptoms. At first the leaves wilt, then turn from green to brown and eventually black. Then the stems turn black all the way to the base. When I prune them off have e noticed that the core of each stem is also black.

I though the problem was with one plant in the row, but it appears to be spreading.

I've searched the net for answers ane even contacted our local Botanical gardens who have advised it might be sun scorch!

Personally I believe it might be Phytophthora Root Rot?!

Does anyone else have any experience of these symptoms and know what might be the problem?

I'm guessing we'll have to remove the hedge and replace it with a different one?!


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