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English Oak

Hi guys - quick question if I may - I have planted an English Oak, as I love oaks and want to my bit etc etc. Its growing well and has probably doubled in size in the last couple of years. Its probably about 12 feet tall.

The top is very wispy and light at the moment and it has a long tall primary stem. 

My problem is that the prevailing winds where I am blow across the garden and the tip (top 4 feet or so) is starting to bend over due I think to the wind. I have tried to put a support bamboo pole, a robust one, in about 8 feet tall but its not long enough to reach the top. Im concerned because obviously as winter - and the stronger winds approach this stake reduces the trees ability to bend and flex with the wind and it may break. I just want a straighter tree but don't want to damage it. 

I always consider trees in the wild whenever I have problems and rarely see any wind bent oaks?

Should I just leave well alone or am I trying the wrong approach? image

Kind regards



  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    If you want to see wind-bent oaks, just look next time you visit the coast.

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