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hawthorn and pyracantha hedge

I've just planted a hawthorn and pyracantha short hedge against a fence. 10 plants, 5 of each in 2 litre pots 60-90cm  tall.  Pyracanthas came with cane supports. Do I need to provide support e.g. longer canes or a trellis? Plants seem healthy but hawthorn in particular a little spindly lower down.

What kind of support and for how long please?


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,144

    Hello jttwendy

    In two or three years  no support will be required ; maybe for a start a bamboo cane will suffice ; as they grow and you cut them regularly , the main stem will thicken and the shrub will fill out accordingly .

    I don't know what height you intend them growing , but it's always good to hear of Hawthorn being planted in a garden ; an excellent all round wildlife plant image

  • Paul - thank you so much for this. We deliberately chose wildlife friendly hedging. We have recently moved house. The small garden is very neat and tidy but with little interest. I intend to make it as wildlife friendly as I can, so each choice of planting is important. We previously had large gardens so planted what we liked - but mostly trees and shrubs, so I'm now having to learn about planting on a small scale. Our fence is the normal 6ft or so - I think the hedge will be this height or a bit more. I will, as you suggest, support with canes and cut regularly. Hope for the best! Thanks again!


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,144

    image A pleasure to help ; good luck with the garden !

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