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Hydrangea overwintering in zone 7

teesyl2teesyl2 Posts: 2

I took a beautiul OLD hydrangea from VA to OH from my parent's yard after they passed away. It grew to be a huge plant but only bloomed once in 5 years. I learned the wrong zone may have been the cause. Now I am back in VA (zone 7B) with the plant. The deer ate the plant down to the ground and now I have it in a pot on my deck. Once established again, can I overwinter it in my garage and bring it out each year? We are not allowed to keep fencing up around shrubs (against condo rules), so I fear trying to keep it in the ground. We are deer heaven here in Williamsburg. Option 2:  to leave it on my sunny deck throughout the Fall/winter and covering if temps dropped too low.  It is a cherished plant for me and I would hate to lose it!  Thanks!  


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,768

    Hi teesy. This website is  based in the UK and the majority of the posters live in the UK with a scattering of members in Europe. Hydrangeas are perfectly hardy and as long as you protect the pot to keep the roots safe from severe frost in a really cold WInter it should be fine living on your deck. Do you know which type of Hydrangea you have as this would help in giving advice as to how to encourage flowering?

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    USA sites have some very useful  temperature zone charts for their gardeners and farmers. By VA I am guessing that this is the Canadian west coast. Just try Googling USA / Canada planting zones .

    Our UK temperature zones are very different as we are a small island country with a far milder climate that our latitude deserves . 

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  • teesyl2teesyl2 Posts: 2

    Opps !  Did not catch the UK part!!  Clearly would make a difference in the success of keeping it on the deck vs garage here in the US vs. UK.  Sorry about that!  BTW -  Beautiful country you live in!  ?

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