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Cabbage White Caterpillars

I net all my brassicas but the little buggers have still got through. I suspect some leaves were touching the net enabling egg laying.

I hate to squash them (makes me feel squeamish) so can I just pull up the ravaged Cavelo Nero and put it on the compost heap caterpillars and all?  


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,301

    I have some cav nero in a cage and thankfully they're untouched, but I had some over and planted them outside. There's not much left of them thanks to the caterpillars so I pulled them up and composted the lot. It'll make good compost, and I've had some revenge :)

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  • It is 3mm and is usually OK but as you say the leaves were on the netting so that is more than likely the cause. 

    Thanks Scroggin and Pete8. 

  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy Posts: 6,742

    You could try biological warfare if you don't want to use chemicals or hand pick. But a soap based spray or one based on rapeseed oil will work too and not harm you or your veg

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  • Womble54Womble54 Posts: 348

    Do you think spiders eat the caterpillars? I've kept my brassicas un-netted and try to pick off eggs and caterpillars a couple of time a week. (I've only got a small bed with a handful of plants).

    Recently there have been loads of butterflies around, and I've noticed a few little holes in the leaves. But when I inspect them the caterpillars are gone. 

    There are lots of pale little spiders on the plants. Do you think the spiders are doing me a favour and eating all the caterpillar? If so, there could be a market for selling the little spiders for biological warfare on the cabbage whites.

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