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Hydrangea in full shade?

Flo7Flo7 Posts: 33

Hydrangea-growers, I need your experience!

I have a corner in the garden that never sees any direct sun (north west facing), and is currently inhabited by a Mahonia Japonica. I am getting a bit bored of it there, however, and I'm thinking about replacing it with a hydrangea. Will any hydrangea - I'm not after the climbing one (Pileostegia Vibernoudes) - grow and flower there? I have only varieties for "part shade", so am not sure. Good, moist, alkaline soil, appropriate drainage.

Many thanks for any suggestions! 


  • Flo7Flo7 Posts: 33

    No, completely open, but sheltered in a corner.  That's great news, thank you!

  • LLMLLM Posts: 46

    I have a shrub hydrangea that I planted last Autumn, it is in a mostly shaded area and it seems to be growing really well! Hope this helps :)

  • StevedaylillyStevedaylilly Posts: 1,087

    Most Hydrangea shrubs prefer a sheltered site in part shade (7 hours of sunlight) . I have one under the canopy of a Damsun tree. It gets part shade in the spring and dappled shade in the summer and seems to be ok. Keep Hydrangeas well watered as they wilt quite badly if not watered regularly once planted out 

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,353

    Most of them (the lacecap types) will take a large amount of shade without any problem. Decent moisture content in the soil is the most important factor. Dense, dry shade - under a tree, or similar - is a different matter. 

    The oak leafed ones are quite different though. They're happier in quite a bit of sun, and will tolerate drier soil. 

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  • SussexsunSussexsun Posts: 1,444


    This hydranger grows in the shade of oak trees. It never gets any direct sunlight. It was already in the garden when we moved in 5 years ago and all I ever do to it is in February deadhead and cut away the odd branch to improve air flow. 

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