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fig tree pruning

Hello I'd really appreciate some advice on what to do with this single stem fig that is just growing taller and taller.

It was grown from a cutting and is now around 12ft tall with no signs of shoots lower down - just a tall clear stem with a pompom head of leaves at the top. Obviously it is growing vigorously but is now starting to lean - I think the stem should just be pruned down to about 3 or 4 ft to encourage shoots to emerge at the base. Am I right or should it just be left? And if it does need severe pruning, when should it be done?

Many thanks



  • mel24mel24 Posts: 2

    I would be tempted to air layer it higher up the branch at a more suitable height to be in the ground. I have done this on leggy ceanothus and on a few bay trees with success but not on a fig. Good luck!

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