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Hydrangea petiolaris


I bought 2 of these climbing hydrangeas with variegated leaves locally from a reputable garden centre earilier this year.  I chose them as they are described as easy to grow, fast growing and able to thrive in shady conditions. One is against They are both against fences and are in shade for part of the day.   In about 4 months, they have hardly grown at all, the leaves have turned brown at the edges and they have put on about 3-4 inches of growth.  What have I done wrong?


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,015

    They need a lot of moisture, so they shouldn't be planted too close to a fence as it's often a shield against any rain. They are most likely short of water. They need plenty in the first season after planting, and if you're in a very dry area, or the soil is light,  you'll need to add some bulk to the soil - well rotted manure and some decent compost is ideal - and a mulch after watering to help retain that moisture. image

    I don't think they are terribly fast growing. In my experience, they take a while to get established before they put on a good bit of growth. They've only been planted a short while, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. 

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  • Thats very helpful.  Thank you very much Fairygirl.  I feel quite reassured.

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