Pitcher or Burr Knot Apple trees.

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There are amongst the old apple varieties, types of apple known as  Burr Knot or Pitcher Apple trees. These produce adventitious roots from Burrs on the branches. Apparently if you "Pitch" a branch, it will root where it lands. This  was a useful method of propagation when the intricacies of bud grafting was not widely known. These hardwood cuttings were a common method of spreading good plants around an area.

From Gloucestershire orchard trust..

"" ‘burr-knot’ or ‘pitcher’ trees. That is they carry blastophores or clusters of adventitious roots on their branches. Historically this type of trees was valued amongst small holders and farmers who hadn’t mastered the skill of grafting which was considered rather a mystical art in times past. The presence of a gene pool of these trees may indicate a remnant manifestation of primitive arboriculture in the area.""

 Has anyone got one of these and successfully rooted hardwood cuttings off of it?

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It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.


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