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Advice needed as to how to remove moss from our patios and block paving

 Moss is growing on our patios and in all the joints in the block paving -  It is a long drive so it will be quite a task to remove it all 

So far I have tried various methods on small sections of the drive  including removing moss by using a small L shaped patio tool but that will take an enormous length of time 

I have tried using a power washer but that takes too much of the kiln dried sand with it 

I have tried brushing it with a solution  of bleach and water but with little effect 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated 



  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    Can you post a picture as it's strange that with a stiff broom and bleach, you were not able to remove it. Maybe you need a broom with a wire brush? They are available in most hardware stores. There are also narrow versions with long handles that will be useful if you can't bend low.

  • Keith-16Keith-16 Posts: 67

    Hi borderline and thanks for responding - I am away from home at the moment gardening at my granddaughters new house - I will get back to you - I already have one of the longhandled  brushes with a wire brush on the end 

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  • Mark56Mark56 Posts: 1,653

    I do the same as Borderline or just use boiling water as it kills the weeds off too. Do a small section at a time

  • Surely a job that can be delegated to the grandkids :-)

  • BusylizBusyliz Posts: 138

    If you don't mind the pong, we use diluted Jeyes Fluid on our blockpave driveway. The moss dies within a day or two and if you leave it for a few weeks, you can scrape it out with your long handled wire brush. 

  • If you have any interest in wild life or conservation I wouldn't use bleach, have you tried jet washing?

    The jet washer isn't cheap but a powerful one can be very effective, I have used one but it needs repeating each year at least depending on drainage and aspect. It also uses a lot of water.

    Alternatively there is that Wet N Forget stuff that claims to be safe and has worked for me, I put it down 3 weeks before Christmas and the moss went brown then lifted as soon as the weather did, I have a few weeks pooping through now but very little moss. Again though I am not sure if it is really safe for the environment as they say not to use it near a pond or water course. 

    Nothing is really environmentally friendly in this regard is it? I would leave it if it weren't dangerously slippery in winter. :(

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,487

    There is an attachment for pressure washers specifically for cleaning patios, drives etc.  For Karcher it's called a T-racer for reasons which totally escape me, but it does a great job and isn't as bad on removing the sand from the joint.  It has a revolving head and a brush 'skirt' which prevents a lot of the overspray you get with a lance.

  • Keith-16Keith-16 Posts: 67

    Thank you to all who have responded 

    I apologise for the delay in replying but I  been sorting out the jungle of a garden that my granddaughter has inherited at a house which she has just purchased where the garden has been neglected for quite a long time

    I take on board the various suggestions which give me much food for thought

      Whichever route I choose is going to be very time consuming as the moss problem has crept up on me whilst I have been tending to the rest of the garden and doing jobs for the family and compounded by the fact that moss growth is worse this year because this has been the wettest and dampest year for a long time - the drive is roughly 50 yards long by about 4 yards wide plus a much  wider part which means a lot of block paving joints from which to clear moss as well as a couple of patios 

    Delegating is not an option - My wife and I do all our own gardening with no help and it is a large garden - our son lives and works abroad and our daughter lives 40 miles away - the granddaughter who has just bought a house is very industrious but needs help and guidance with her first garden and the other grandchildren are not nearby

    I am just the wrong side of 75 but thankfully have kept myself fit & have no problem working long hours in the garden doing hard physical jobs 

    I will experiment with various options taking the drive section by section until I have sorted it  Many thanks to you all for all the advice and recommendations

  • Keith-16Keith-16 Posts: 67

    I have bought a Hozelock Knapsack 12 Litre garden spray and have just done 2 trial sections - one using a bleach and water mix and the other a washing soda crystals mix
    If those don't work I have been recommended to try Doff Path Patio and Decking Cleaner which says it removes Mould and Algae

  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,904

    Oooo long link.

    I use this. I have a large area to do and I spray it about twice a year. It kills all the algae and moss but if the moss has grown in the joins "the bits" will still have to be removed. Once it's dead and out you can simply spray regularly to stop it from coming back.

    ps I bought in bulk on Am*z*n.

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