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Canna variety ID

GuybrushGuybrush Posts: 172


I got given a load of Canna rhizomes by a neighbour as I was developing my tropical garden. They've all grown really well and are now flowering, but I don't know what variety of Canna they are. I have a sheltered garden on the south coast but I need to know their hardiness. My neighbour leaves them out over winter but every garden's different and she's quite a way down the road with a different aspect.





  • InglezinhoInglezinho Posts: 568

    There are nearly a thousand different Cannas these days, due to hybridization, principally in USA, which makes ID from photos well-nigh impossible. Sorry. 

    They are NOT hardy in the UK and need to be lifted like Dahlias. However, when I lived in England I got better results by potting them up and treating them as houseplants, with year-round warmth and maximum sun during the winter. They will probably not remain in flower for very long like this, but the foliage itself is great, especially the purple-leaved varieties. Watch out for spider mites if you grow them this way, however. Good luck. Ian

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    Cannas need lifting in the UK.

    Dahlias are now considered hardy in many parts of the country, although I lift mine.

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