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Problems with a shared garden

I have an end of terrace house which shares a garden. I own my part of the garden but there's a covenant that stipulates no fences to be erected. There are 14 houses which share the garden. There's a big willow tree in the middle, my bit has two huge trees on the side, and all the houses have a patio with a picket fence. The rest is laid to lawn. I wonder if anyone could give me some ideas on how to give my part of the garden some character as well as give myself some privacy. 


  • CFCCFC Posts: 71

    Hedges aren't fences.....

  • Assuming an obelisk wouldn't be described as a fence. You could buy two from Wilko's at a cheap price and grow a carefree climber such as a honeysuckle and or a passiflora. Fasten a swag between both and create a nice private curtain.

    Another alternative would be to get some large pots in which you could add some trellis for a climber. Depending on the size of the garden you shouldn't need too many.

    Lastly, a tiered planter would also solve your problem. You can get various sorts with different sections for different plants. Depending on the ground, you can make some moveable.

  • I like the idea of the obelisk, some good ideas there. Thanks 

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