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Rasberry bush

Hi. Team,

I have a raspberry bush in the wrong place.. A can I move it..and B do I prune it and when...


  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 5,258

    I have only planted my raspberries this year so a bit of a novice. I was told if the fruit is ripening now then in January it needs cutting back to ground level but this is a bit late to move as well. I was given starts that were dug up at the end of the fruiting season but before heavy frosts. These were kept planted in tubs in a greenhouse until spring then planted out and I have a good crop of fruit now. Hope this helps.

  • mel24mel24 Posts: 2

    Raspberries are the only thing that consistently does well on my allotment! As Purplerallim says, if they are ripening now they are the Autumn fruiting (and best!) variety and can be moved once fruiting has finished if necessary. I usually sort out my raspberries in February though: prune back and keep only the biggest canes and because they tend to rassle, I dig up the interlopers as mine are tied onto a wired frame for ease of picking. 

    Summer fruiting ones are more loved by birds and have a shorter fruiting season. If your canes have grown into a bush it may be a good time (when you move it) to divide it up so each cane has more room to develop. They are fairly forgiving and indestructible: I use the old raspberry canes around the garden for support and little fences and occasionally they can take root again!

    Good luck

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