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Chocolate cosmos

Hi all, can anyone suggest if you can still buy chocolate cosmos anywhere? I have just been to my local garden centre but they didn't have any. It also seems to be unavailable most places online apart from crocus but I have never ordered online for plants and I know there could be issues as you cannot see what you are buying but I wanted to give them in a planter as a gift at the end of august so I'm also not sure if this will be too late. 

Any suggestions appreciated 

Thank you


  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 7,081

    is there a reason for wanting chocolate cosmos specifically? Someone may be able to suggest an alternative that's more likely to be available at this time of year if we know what you were intending? 

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  • Hi I wanted this one as I have read that it smells like chocolate. There person I wanted it for was looking for some chocolate scented flowers a few years ago but couldnt find any at the time so I thought I would try this one but if there are any other chocolate scented flowers I wouldn't mind using something else 


  • Tina_i_amTina_i_am Posts: 173

    There is a mint that smells of chocolate, Mentha × piperata f. citrata ‘Chocolate'

    On the whole I've had a good experience with Once, one of the plants didn't meet my standards. I emailed them a picture and got a refund with no problem and didn't have to send the plants back. It was two very sorry looking hostas. 

  • InglezinhoInglezinho Posts: 568

    A lot of people complain that Chocolate Cosmos is so hard to find and expensive. The reason is that it is nearly sterile and produces very little seed, even in its native Mexico. The only way to propagate it in Europe is from root cuttings. Keep searching and grow in a pot. It's not hardy in UK. If It's any consolation I have NEVER seen it here in Brazil, although it's a tropical plant. Good luck. Ian

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  • LynLyn Posts: 23,190

    bought mine in Wilco for £1.00 and that wasn't on special offer, so not expensive at all.  Look out for it in early spring. 

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  • Thank you all for the replies 

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