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Advice needed for plants for hanging baskets which can survive dry conditions

Keith-16Keith-16 Posts: 67

We would like advice as to what sort of plants can survive very dry conditions in hanging baskets as we no longer have anyone to water our hanging baskets when we go on holiday and this year there was a very dry spell whilst we were away 


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 35,508

    Quite a lot of different smaller sedums and sempervivums can make lovely hanging basket displays

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  • Keith-16Keith-16 Posts: 67

    Thank you Ladybird4 - that is very helpful 

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 35,508

    You're most welcome. image

    Cacoethes: An irresistible urge to do something inadvisable
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,255

    Another solution is to take the hanging baskets down before you go away and put them in a shady corner in the back  garden .... give them a good soak and some feed and as long as you're not away for too long,  when you come back and hang them up in the sunshine again they should be fine image

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  • Keith-16Keith-16 Posts: 67

    Thank you Doverfrom above for an alternative solution 

  • madpenguinmadpenguin Isle of WightPosts: 2,448

    I have been experimenting this year with a couple of different baskets.

    I use the Stewart ones which have a reservoir at the bottom and I have been growing Heucheras, Pelargoniums, Ivies and a Fern with success so far.They still need watering and feeding but not nearly as often as normal and I have gone for a fortnight without watering.

    As suggested taking them down and putting them somewhere shady while away can help :)

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  • Keith-16Keith-16 Posts: 67

    Thanks mad penguin for your helpful advice 

  • InglezinhoInglezinho Posts: 567

    Here's a left-field idea. Trailing cacti ie. Epiphyllum !

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  • Keith-16Keith-16 Posts: 67

    Thanks to you all for your recommendations and advice which has been very helpful

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