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Repairing damaged hedge

We've inherited a hedge (pittosporum I think) that has been very badly damaged. We've been told that the previous owners set fire to it! Unfortunately, the dead wood has acted as the perfect framework for the ivy that grows rampantly locally. A lot of the hedge looks dead but there is regrowth in most places and in some parts it is quite healthy. The ivy has grown so thickly in places that the hedge has collapsed onto one side. Regrowth there is only at the very top and the hedge is still listing half over, even where I have removed the ivy.

My question is: should I leave it alone after removing the ivy or would it be better to cut those sections hard back? Unsurprisingly, the hedge was bone dry in the middle, so I'm not sure if exposure to light and rain will be enough to rejuvenate it.

Many thanks!


  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    Perhaps a photo would help both to I'd it and to see the extent of the damage. 

    are you willing to wait a few years for it to recover? Or will it never be a thing of beauty? May be best to take it all out and start again. But a pic will help us to help you decide.

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  • Im pretty positive its pittosporum but its gale force outside, so no pic for now! We've a lot of hedge as its a very long garden and a very tight budget, so recovering what we've got is the preferred option. Willing to wait but just not sure of the best approach. The part that I'm slowly exposing that's been most damaged by the ivy has mostly only got regrowth at the top. I'm not sure if it will now regrow all over, now that it's exposed to light or whether those lower sections will never regrow, as I'm not familiar with that type of hedging.

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