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Clematis Advice Please

Hi all,

I have a 12 foot trellis I want to cover with a white flowering evergreen clematis. Ideally I'd like a clematis which flowers for a long time and smells really nice. I'd like a group 1 plant if possible. Its going in a sunny spot (South facing) which has some shade during the day but not much.

I also have another 12 foot trellis I want to cover with another clematis. This one I want to be a purple/bluish colour or lavender in colour. This trellis is North facing and its in a shady area at the back of the house. Again I'd like a group 1 plant. 

My father passed away in 2012 and my Mother passed away in 2016. Both loved clematises. I recently put up the trellises and I'd like to grow the clematis plants up and over them as a nice reminder of my parents.

My Father and Mother were keen gardeners but I sadly and regrettably didn't take much notice of their gardening skills back then so I'm new to all this. I have tried searching for what I need but I have found it all rather confusing. If anyone can recommend the ideal plants for my needs I'd truly appreciate it. 

Warm regards,



  • LynLyn Posts: 21,960

    I don't know names of any particular ones, but I do know that they  mostly have a short flowering season, so you will have lots of green for most of the year, you could think about other plants on the same trellis flowering at different times so that you will have flowers all year round. . 

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  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,315

    What a lovely idea David and something that will remind you of your parents.
    It's a pretty tall order you're after though.
    Armandii is evergreen and has white flowers (I can't remember if it's scented)
    I once saw a flammula in full flower which was stunning and the almond scent was very strong

    One of the best known suppliers for clematis is Taylors

    The have a vast selection and filters to narrow down your choice.
    Hopefully you'll be able to identify something there

    I usually go for group 3 clematis - much easier to maintain

    When planting, dig a big hole - add compost and plant the clematis 4"-6" deeper than it was in the pot. In the unfortunate event that your plant gets wilt, it should re-sprout.

    Best of luck

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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,154

    I agree with Pete.  group 3s are much easier to maintain and grow well.  Evergreen clems such as armandii have  a very short flowering period and then rather dull foliage for the rest of the year.  You might like to consider a cirrhosa instead - prettier, oak leaf like foliage and speckled flowers in winter.

    For your north facing clem I would suggest caerrulea elegans - lilac/purple flowers with green tips or Blue Angel (aka Blekitny Anioll).  Both are group 3s so get cut back hard every spring, a generous feed of clematis food or slow release tomato or rose feed and the guiding into their supports as they grow.  They will flower for months through summer.  For perfume, go for Betty Corning - nodding lilac bells and scent too.

    I suggest you have a search of this academic clematis sit for perfume, colour and flowering period  - - and then have a chat with Richard at Hawythorne's for further advice - .  He sometimes posts on here and is always helpful.

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