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I'm pretty much a novice around here, and I've just moved into a rented property with two apple trees, two pear trees and a plum tree. Some of the plums on the tree have mucus on them that looks like an insect burrowing in. Can't anyone advise what this is and what to do about it? The apples also seem to have insects deep inside 

And any general tips for how to look after these trees will be gratefully received!!


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,538

    If you cut the plums in half, you may find a pink wiggly larvae in it, plus brown frass (faeces). These are the larvae of the plum moth.The infected ones tend to ripen early, you may find later ripening ones on the same tree are OK.   Maggots in apples are the larvae of the codling moth. You can get pheromone traps from the garden centre which will catch the males in spring so they cannot fertilise the females. That has some effect on reducing the numbers. Attracting insect eating birds in to the garden helps too. Hanging a fat ball or two up to attract blue tits, helps reduce insects as well, as they search for other food in the garden. Gather up any infected fruit and dispose of in a bin. Any left on the floor just increases the problem for next year.

  • Thanks this is very helpful. I'll get hold of those traps and some fat balls. Are they safe to eat if no signs of larvae?

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