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Dying lawn

Hi, several days ago I used some weed killer on the weeds in my lawn, a couple of days later all the grass around the weeds started to die as well, and it's spreading quickly, my lawn is approx 150 foot by 30 foot and Approx 20% is now brown and dying,

the birds are going crazy, pecking at the infected areas and digging it up, looking online that would suggest the chafer grub but I can't find anything that relates weed killer to chafer grubs or would that just be coincidence??

Im trying to get as much water as I can on the infected areas but that might be the wrong thing to do

Any help appreciated




  • a1154a1154 Sunny South Scotland Posts: 1,033

    I assume you used a general weed killer, not a lawn weed killer (i.e. kills weeds not grass) ? Have a look what you used and what it says it will do.  what product was it and how much did you use?

    I wouldn't have thought its spreading as such, just it takes time for the weed killer to get down to the roots and kill the plant.  I wouldn't have thought water would help at this stage if the plant has had a blast of glyphosate some days ago. 

    Not sure what the birds are up to, they have their own agenda. 

    you will probably have to treat each patch, getting out the dead, add compost, reseed, but there are plenty lawn experts on here who will tell you the best way forward. 

  • Lee64Lee64 Posts: 3

    Hi, I used round up weed killer and I think this was a mistake! 

    one area of my lawn was overrun with weeks and nettles, I  got them all up put down new turf them spayed a small amount of roundup over the top, thinking it might stop anything coming through, onviously a novices mistake as that whole area is now dead, this is the area the birds are feeding on big time! I also sprayed it directly onto the weeds on other parts of the lawn, those weeds are now dead but so is all the surrounding grass,

    total disaster ??


  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    yeah, roundup kills everything green, you can get specific broad leaved weed killer that only kills weeds and not the grass

  • Lee64Lee64 Posts: 3

    Thanks treehugger80

    if you don't mind me asking,

    what is my best option now??

    some sites suggest the grass may come back in time,

    others suggest not.



  • a1154a1154 Sunny South Scotland Posts: 1,033

    I would not do anything for a week or so. again, read the packet, can you replant after a week? It should tell you. 

    Rake anything dead and loose out. Spread a thin layer of compost over the nasty bits. 

    Reseed with grass seed. Water. 

    There are products for patching - have a look at Patch Magic. I've not used it so that's not a recommendation, there are a few products.  Read the instructions though! 

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