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What is this fungus?


Not sure if this is anything sinister but said i'd check. Is it just normal mushroom growth? (Located under roses and Himalayan Birch) It has spread vastly in last few days.

Is it anything to worry about?



  • Am no expert on Fungii but they don't look like the worst case scenario (Honey Fungus). They're far too thick.

    As they're not growing on the tree or forming circular rings in the grass, they're likely just mushrooms  if they have brown gills, growing in a damp, shaded patch under the tree.

    May even be edible but wouldn't recommend trying them without an exert opinion though!

  • Thanks Dave. 


    Thanks for your reply and response. I have had issues in the vicinity with the loss of an Azalea, Stranvaesia and I am currently experiencing branch die back with a Cornus Controversa. All were/are very mature specimens. We did have an exceptionally wet winter of 2015, and a burst water pipe in the adjacent road so I had put it down to waterlogging and perhaps phytophthora. 

    That is why I am concerned about absolutely everything that appears out of the ordinary in this area. I am aware that Honey Fungus is unfortunately a common garden killer. I have never seen it in the flesh and prior to posting here was quietly confident that it was not what I have (from Internet research). 

    I did post though just to get some opinions. The initial responses are reassuring.



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