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Belriccio tomatoes

I have grown Belriccio beefsteak tomatoes for the third year running but find that they have a very thick central core which makes most of the tomato harrd & only fit for juicing.  They are grafted tomatoes from Suttons.  I grow Elegance & Aviditas in the same greenhouse bed without this problem.  Has anyone come across it with this variety?


  • Thanks, Phillipa.

    I grow grafted tomatoes due to limited space & I really feel the initial outlay is more than made up for by their earliness & enormous crops.  In an unheated greenhouse I can't get the seed grown ones to fruit anything like the grafted although I do grow Suttons Faworyt from seed very successfully.  That variety has no core, few seeds & can grow very large.

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    For newcomers to growing them, it's worth bearing in mind that most of the beefsteak varieties are so named because they are almost solid flesh inside with fewer seed 'compartments' as there are in ordinary tomatoes.  You can slice across them and hardly see a seed ... but this solid flesh is wonderfully tasty either in a salad or grilled or baked and treated almost like a 'steak' or 'burger'.  


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