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Lilac tree

imagewhy is my new lilac tree (planted in March 2017) leaves turning brown and wrinkling?  Please. 


  • Why is my new lilac tree (planted in March 2017) leaves turning brown and wrinkling?. Please.

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,631

    I suspect it's thirsty.  Have you watered regularly since planting it to help it along while its roots get settled and seek out int the soil round their planting hole?

    Might be too late now but try giving it a whole bucket load at a time and at least twice a week until the end of August then once a week till end of September.   After that the autumn rains should suffice.

    If it is too late, plant a new one in autumn with a handful of bonemeal to aid root development, water after planting and then it should be OK with autumn and winter rains.  The root system will have time to establish itself before it has to provide food and fuel for the spring splurge of foliage and flowers.

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  • Thanks for advice. I have watered it reasonably regularly but it doesn't  do much. Also my neighbours lilac tree is doing the same. So not sure about watering issue. My neighbours tree is approx. 20 years old. 

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