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Fig Tree

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I've been looking for a tree for the garden for quite a while now, and yesterday saw a lovely fig tree in the garden centre. 

I've since read up on fig tree care but most of the info is geared towards getting the tree to fruit.

If I were to plant it as a purely ornamental tree, is there any reason I shouldnt plant it in the ground? Would I still need to restrict the root growth or could it be happy there?

Im in the south east, and it will be planted in a south-facing position.

Thanks in advance!


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687

    Fig trees will enjoy your south facing position. The tree can grow big if the soil conditions are right, which is why you need to think about how this fits in with your garden and whether you are prepared to control it if it does grow fast.

    Restricting through a large container is another option, or you could sink the container into the ground with the bottom opened up. The leaves will also cast shade if you don't shape or prune, so think about the kind of plants growing around and under it for years to come.

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