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sweet peas query

maryredmaryred Posts: 13

My sweet peas were flowering ok and picked regularly but after three days away one seed pod has developed and no  new flowers for the last week. Does this mean the whole plant is going to go to seed?


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,142

    No - missing just one shows you're doing a really good job - far better then me!
    The lack of flowers is likely due to the weather change, or they're just having a little pause.
    There could be other reasons, so feel free to post a photo if you still have concerns, but missing one pod will not make any difference.

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  • maryredmaryred Posts: 13

    Thanks for reply. I will  wait for more flowers, hopefully!

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,358

    Have you been feeding them? All annuals - especially sweet peas - run out of steam eventually, so they need  feeding at this time of year (more often depending on the variety, when they've been planted, and where they're growing)  to keep them flowering. Tomato food is ideal.

    If they're in pots, you'll need to feed regularly - every week or thereabouts. In the ground,  it's easier to get nourishment into the soil when they're originally planted out or sown. 

    They have a shelf life though - that depends on when they were originally sown and planted, regardless of what you do. You can sow some a month or so after your original ones are sown, to give you flowers later in the year. If you have some that get planted out in April as decent plants, sowing some direct in April/May is the ideal way to get a succession. That depends whereabouts you live and your own climate. 

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  • maryredmaryred Posts: 13

    thanks for that tip.

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