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My sunflower has wilted!!

So here's my story.

I planted my sunflower on a pot last week and it grew into a robust sunflower about 5 inches tall. I decided to transplant it to our backyard because it is already too big for the pot. After replanting, it wilted for 1 whole day, I touched the leaves and they were so soft like it was about to die, but at night that time, it stood up again as if it didn't wilted and today, the sun is very bright and it wilted again for the sexlcond time, I saw the first 2 real leaves having brownish sides like it was burnt. ugh is this normal or is my sunflower about to die?

Also I have another problem. I planted my sunflower seeds but ants are eating my seedlings! So I called my friend to give me some giant sunflower seeds later so that If ever my transpalnted sunflower plant will really die, I can start up over again. But I want to do it in the right way, can anyone help me how to plant care for it? I can't afford to loose my soon-to-be-planted giant seeds. Thanks!

Any help will be appreciated :)

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