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How Can I save these 2 plants?

Ivy2Ivy2 DerbyshirePosts: 24

The first picture is a Clementis Armandi. About 5 or 6 weeks ago it stopped growing, leaves near the top went brown.....also the water in the big saucer (not sure the name of it) below the pot never seems to drain....constantly the same stagnant water. There is an identical one in the same conditions which continued to thrive so not sure what went wrong. What can I do - repot it? Prune it? I water it most days and every day if warm. Only bought it in March and it started out really well.

The other pictures are of a Mountain Fetterbush Pieris Japonica. I love this plant but one side of it has now got dying leaves. Tis was the side facing the sun so I turned it round a couple of weeks ago but not much difference. Again - only bought in March and it was doing really well. About 2 months ago I bought some miracle gro ericaceous feed because I know it likes acid soil...i Just sprinkled about 50 grams total I think over 6 or 7 weeks just on the top of the soil and watered.

Could the feed be the problem - does it need more or less? I water most days....maybe I water too much? Any advice, love the colours of the leaves so want it to do well.

For both the Pieris and Clementis should I prune them before Autumn/Winter?



  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687

    Have you got anything growing over the Pieris? Just looks like something overhead has damaged the growth. It's possible it could be wind or harsh sun damage. It's only August, so cut off the unsightly leaves and give them a good water, but avoid tap water if possible, collect rain water. I can't tell from your photos whether it is planted in the ground or not, but longterm, the two plants should be grown in the ground, they are big plants. Pieris can do with a semi-shaded position.

    I suspect your  Clematis Armandii has outgrown its pot. It needs to be in either a much larger container or grown into the ground. 


    Pieris would benefit from ericaceous compost or at least a regular feed with an acid food such as Miracid.

    I've had similar damage on a couple of shrubs (not Pieris) and it turned out that a dog was cocking his leg in the general direction on his daily walk. I suspect the obvious !

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