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Is there any hope???

Went away for 2 weeks and returned today to find my hanging baskets with petunias nearly dead. My son who was suppose to come over and water obviously failed in his duties. 

Is there any hope in reviving them? They were nice and full prior to us leaving. After taking the photo I tidied up the dead and dying leaves and stems and dead headed the flowers, gave them a good feed and water. Is there any hope as I was hoping they would last till autumn then I was going to stop dead heading the flowers and syart to harvest the seeds for next uear? 




  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,820

    I think that they may pick up Jay. If you feel that the compost has got too dry, soak the whole basket in a deep trough/bucket of water and leave for a good half hour so that it gets fully rehydrated again.

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  • Thanks Ladybird will have to give it a try. 


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