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Sunflower insect problem

Hi all. We recently grew sunflowers inside the house in a pot. The first of the sunflowers has bloomed beautifully now, but there are weird almost worm-like insects in the flower. No clue whatsover what they are. I took a video, it's not super clear but maybe someone will recognize. Anyone have a clue??



  • OnopordumOnopordum Posts: 390

    Might be thrips. Flowers do obviously attract insects.

  • Thanks for the response :) If they are thrips, or maybe something else, would there be anything I can do? I assume with how much they are in the flower there is not much I can do apart from just cutting off the flower and throwing it out? 

    Especially since it is inside I don't want to risk insects suddendly flying or running through my house ^^

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