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Plants identification: weed or perennial?

SandTSandT Posts: 70

In March I planted various plug perennials into our brand-new garden.  Now, in August, when the garden is blooming, I'm not sure what these two plants are.  Both are quite vigourous and haven't flowered yet, but really form a mound.  I'm keen to know whether it's one of the perennials I planted, or if it's just a weed, because it's choking my lavender!

 There are two images per plant:




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  • MuddyForkMuddyFork Posts: 435

    The last picture is a Dahlia so definitely keep

  • RogersiaRogersia Posts: 14

    First one, definitely not a weed...think it has blue spires.  not sure but I can see its not a weed.

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