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Hi everyone, I'm very new to gardening however have got addicted very quickly! i have grown lupin Russel mix plants from seed this year, I planted in march and wasn't expecting to see blooms this year as I read it would be next year for first blooms, however to my delight they have started showing (small but lovely) however I have read a lot about deadheading the bloom when it turns to seed, my question is would this be the whole head? or each individual bloom starting from the bottom? I have taken some of the blooms off which have started turning to seed already (I will attach a photo) is this the right thing to do? Any advice would be great thank you all!!!



  • The whole stem back to a leaf node Michael. They will bloom again with smaller flowers though probably not in the first year.

  • mushermusher Posts: 389

    Cut it back like said, but if any new flower buds start to develope. Cut them back too. 

    Let the Lupin strength go in to developing a good root system this year. Next year you'll have a strong and healthy plant.

  • Thank you so much it's greatly appreciated having some advice! 

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