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Pesky weeds

hi all

ive decided to treat my lawn as very mossy and weedy.

after 2 treatments and lots of raking ive removed a lot of dead matter but there is one weed that there is a lot of and wont die






  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    Very pretty, and high maintenance I gather. I'm now wondering how you edge your lawn. Your grass is fine. The weed looks like speedwell. I believe it will slowly go if you continue to feed, rake and collect all your lawn clippings. Don't let lawn clippings lie on the lawn after mowing. In autumn time, spike the whole lawn and using a stiff broom, work in lawn sand and then top dress again to level out any hollows and hopefully, this will help build a more denser lawn. The denser the grass, the least likely you will have these types of weeds thriving.

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  • Peter-T-Peter-T- Posts: 138

    Thanks Borderline.

    84 pots and counting lol

    its only my first year of trying gardening so not wanting beds just yet.

    bark and wooden boarders for now 

    going to put a load of grass seed down tonight and follow your advice on the rest, appreciate the reply



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