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I would like to set up a wildlife camera for my garden after dark. Has anyone done this and if so what kit do you have?


  • I use a Bushnell "Natureview" camera trap to watch the hogs. Bought from Naturespy who were very helpful.  Also there is a Simon King YouTube video which really helped with the setting up, because I'm not terribly tech savvy!

  • ShepsSheps West YorkshirePosts: 1,315

    Hi Richard...I have two cameras, one is a Crenova and the other is a VicTsing, both cost about £70 each from Amazon.

    Crenova left / VicTsing right


    The Crenova is a good little camera and is well worth the money and takes good videos / pictures in both day and night modes, the VicTsing on the other hand isn't as good at night videos, but is OK during the day.

    Here are a couple of films of my Hoggie, taken at night on the Crenova.

    Filming the wildlife in your garden can become quite addictive, as I have just ordered a second Crenova camera, so I've gone from no cameras to three cameras in a matter of weeks image

    Hope this helps


  • Richard168Richard168 Posts: 115


    That is great footage. I think I will give it a go.


  • AnnieanenomeAnnieanenome West SussexPosts: 35

    How marvellous.  We saw 2 hedgehogs by our front door. Such lovely creatures. Thank you for sharing.

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