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Dracaena in need of help!

I'm a complete novice when it comes to plants so please forgive my lack of knowledge...

We bought a dracaena around 10 days ago, it looked lovely and heathy at the time but ever since we got it home it has been downhill. There are three things I have noticed in this time... firstly, within 3 days I saw that there were some light spots on a couple of the leaves, and 2 days later I noticed this on several more leaves. It sort of looked like something had been eating it, but not all the way through the leaf (you can see light shine through the patches). Some of these patches are definitely now holes. I have looked and looked and looked, but I can't see any sign of what could be eating it. By day 6 I noticed a brown line on one of the leaves, the next day there were 2 more. And today I saw that one of the leaves has turned brown at the tip, which I understand could be a watering problem? There are some new leaves which also don't look too healthy. 

My aim was to water around once a week, waiting until the top inch or so of soil had dried out before watering again. The pot has drainage holes, I water it a little, wait a minute or so and if no water has come out of the bottom I'll give it a little more. However as we've had the plant just 10 days I've only watered it twice and haven't got into a routine yet. The water here is very hard so all our water goes through a brita filter. Both times I have used this filtered water. Could that be a cause?

Right now it's kept between a north facing and an east facing window, it's bright but no direct sunlight. With the back door open in the next room it gets fresh air without there being a draft. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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