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Orchid houseplant

Alemap55Alemap55 Posts: 2

imageJust felt I wanted to share my gorgous orchid. It sits on our front window sill in the sunshine and has continued to flower like this since I tranferred it to a vase.


  • JessumJessum Posts: 81

    imageWow, that's a beauty!  orchids are really amazing plants.  I inherited one from my Mum and although I am not really a houseplant person I decided to look after it as best as I could.  I have included a (not very good) picture.  It is the one on the right.  This is the second flush of flowers.  They last for months and months and then when they drop it looks like the plant has died.

    This brings me on to the one on the left.  I was out early one frosty morning this spring and found it outside a house. The poor thing had been chucked out but luckily the owner had not removed the plastic cover (the one you get when you buy them).  I decided to give it a try and trimmed off the old flowering stems and waited and waited.  As you can see the plant is just in flower.

    I think that a lot of orchids get chucked out as they take a long time to recover from a long time of flowering.  I am tempted to show the person a picture of what they chucked out!

  • Alemap55Alemap55 Posts: 2

    hi there, heard on gardners question time, that orchids roots like the light,that is why you buy them clear pots, so came up with the idea of an old vase.

    Since then it has flowered like mad, even the ones see in garden centres are not as large as mine. Friends have asked me is it real. I just give it a drop of water with orchid feed in now and again.

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